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International Clients

Center for Citizens Initiative
Moscow, Russia

Siemens Corporation
Munich, Germany

Maritime Electric
Prince Charles Island

Young, Samuels, Chambers
Consulting Company
London, England

International Mission Board
Nairobi, Kenya

Fortis Canadian Niagra
Power Company
Ft. Erie, Ontario

American Homes Furniture
Riyad, Saudi Arabia

OnConference Communication
Ottawa, Ontario


The Citadel
The Military College of SC

Duke University
Executive MBA Program

Cornell University
Executive MBA Program

Darden University of VA.
Executive MBA Program

University of Peru
Lima, Peru

Louisana State University
Baton Rouge, LA

High Point University
High Point, NC

Bradley University
Peoria, IL

"You provided a candid perspective of my career that is both unique and reassuring!"

John Andrea
Hamilton Sundstrand
Glastonbury, CT

LSI Products Overview

Leadership Systems has researched, developed and utilized the most effective leadership and assessment tools in the marketplace and offer them as a foundational element of both the Individual and Executive Programs.

This invaluable manager's notebook contains summarized coaching insights for each employee position within your organization. The Leadership Map provides an excellent guide for any leader seeking the best way to develop, delegate, motivate and improve his or her team.

After completing The Leadership Map you will be able to:

  • Improve your understanding of your teammates to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Develop, compliment, delegate, motivate, counsel, communicate and improve each team member to ensure team success.
  • Envision an overall view of team dynamics and how each player contributes to the group.

The Navy Seals Mission is an interactive group activity for individuals, teams and leaders designed to uncover and rate the following: strategy, cooperation, involvement, assertion and synergy when faced with a task. LSI developed The Navy Seals Equipment Task in coordination with Navy Seals stationed in Coronado, California.

At LSI, we specialize in providing career insight to those that need a clear path to make high quality career decisions. Our process is unique because our tools provide the personalization and job variety that will give you specific career direction and the process is easy. you will be assigned a trained and certified career coach who will guide you through the assessment materials for your personal development and insight.

First, you complete several Self-Scored tools. Next, you fill out eight short summaries about yourself in which you will uncover essential motivators of your personality. We will follow-up on the results with a confidential caoching period as soon as the instruments are in and reviewed. This has proven very useful for insight, career focus and developmental planning.

The three choices of 360 Degree Profiles are Benchmarks™, Skillscope™, and 360 By Design™.

The Benchmarks™ 360 is focused on the sixteen items in which leaders and managers must succeed for effectiveness, otherwise they derail.

Skillscope™ 360 is designed for the more technical manager or the manager that is focused on particular skill sets that are related to supervisory or managerial success.

360 By Design™ is a customized tool that allows you to apply researched competencies to your specific organizational situation.

The 360 Profiles are packaged surveys that offer a complete view of your leadership style from all around you... your superior, boss, peers, direct reports and others.

Includes several leadership resource instruments. these include DiSC, FiRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior). Dimensions of Leadership, Listening, Team Dimensions and Benchmarks (explained above). Upon completion of the processing of all assessments, the results are compiled in the Executive Development Portfolio (EDP).

A photo based idea generator for talking about transitions, challenges, changes, disappointments and celebrations. The VS is an excellent tool for facilitating deeper thinking and useful emotions around the organizational or personal challenge currently facing the team or individual.

"Jim, you have a unique gift to find the teachable moment. Your ability to find this moment with me and suggest ideas to improve will no doubt prove very valuable as I move forward to serve our great Navy."

A.O. Lotring
Rear Admiral
U.S. Navy